‘Rice With Love’, 13 Reasons To Love Your Rice

White rice has been Singapore’s most popular piñata recently. Singled out as one of the major sources of contribution to diabetes, some of us are finding it hard to love our favorite staple again. The healthiest people in the world have no problem with rice, they eat a lot of it. Japanese people are very […]

Authentic Superfood Biscotti by Baked To Order

In the old days, at the time of long journeys and warfare, people used to bake biscuits twice because they needed food that could be easily stored for longer periods of time. The word biscotti, in this sense, shares its origin with the British English word “biscuit”. In North America, biscotti refers to a specific […]

Asians Embraces Hucklebee As The Best Plant Based Delights

Does being younger than 30 translates to a predilection for healthier eating habits? This rhetorical question may very well be true. A recent report conducted by the Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey offered surprising and detailed information about the culinary habits of young people. The recent article by USA Today which surveyed more than 30,000 […]

The Little Rice Company, Prime Producer of High Quality Rice

Rice is the staple to more than half of the worlds’ population, contributing 13% of all proteins and 19% of all calories consumed. Do you know the domesticated rice varieties of today have come a long way from their wild ancestors, which were little better than wild grass? Wild rice produces very few grains that […]

Asmara & Nuvojoy Pioneer in Asian Herbalism Superfood

The debate between Traditional and Modern Medicine has always in the rise, matter of fact there is no solution or any conclusion made so far. Traditional medicine refers to the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures, used in the maintenance of health and in the prevention, […]

Superfood Asia Celebrates Woman’s Success in Food Business

Today Superfood Asia 2019 would like to take this opportunity to celebrate woman and their achievement and contribution to Food Business. Food and Woman have been in close relation since the growth of community both in population and culture. Here are the top woman chef from all around the world who have made changes in […]

Superfood Cuisine That Get Your Taste Buds To Max

Today we are going to share 5 wonderful and tasty yet healthy Superfood Cuisines recipes that is easy and fast to make. All of us love dishes that are quick and easy to make and that satisfy our sweet tooth … oh, and also that are healthy for us! Many think cooking from Superfood ingredient […]

Nature’s Superfoods, the leading Superfood brand in Asia

Since the early 21stCentury, Quinoa became more commonly consumed in North America, Europe, and Australasia. The culture of consuming this grain bring us back to 3000 to 4000 years ago where it was first domesticated by the Andean people and ever since been in their culture as an important staple food. Quinoa is a flowering plant (Chenopodium quinoa) in […]

Lose Your Unwanted Belly With Superfood

Healthy eating and disease have been linked since the beginning of time, when plants were cultivated not only for food but also as remedies for a host of ailments. Fortunately, we’ve progressed since the days of foraging in the woods for salad ingredients with the risk of discovering that. But ironically, for all we’ve learned, […]

Boost Your Immunity With Mushroom

For a long time, mushrooms have been hidden in the Western shadows, but now their entry into the spotlight has finally arrived! These ancient mushrooms have long been considered the “original superfoods.” In many great Eastern traditions, mushrooms have been revered for centuries as incredibly nutritious foods used to support optimal health and longevity. So far, these functional mushrooms […]