Food Security Inspires Asmara To Manufacture Its Own Functional Drinks

Seeing that Singapore imports 90% of its food and beverages, Ramesh Krish Kumar felt that food security would be a prime concern for the city state. As a certified food scientist, Ramesh wanted to be a first mover in developing high quality functional health products and revolutionise food consumption in Asia. Thus, Asmara was born.

In the Indian Sanskrit and Malay language, Asmara means “Love”. Asmara hopes to change the perception of food and health trends by relying less on western and north Asian markets, and looks to unearthed gems within Singapore. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Malay and Indonesian Jamu, and Indian Ayurvedic medicines are readily available elements in this part of the world, and combined with real science led by food technologist Tho Pin Da, Asmara has been able to create functional Asian health tonics.

Asmara products are manufactured following stringent HACCP and ISO22000 regulations. They are 100% natural and contain no artificial flavourings, colourings, or ingredients. The beverage series contains Manuka honey and natural sugars from fruits and are certified lower in sugar, while the elixir products do not contain any sugar. As the products contain high concentration of natural herbs, they may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions. Therefore, a visit to the physician for consultation is recommended prior to consuming any form of supplements, herbs, or active ingredients.

The Ashta Berries 8 – a skin health and satiety drink – is a CLEO Body Awards winning product and top seller. Other drinks include those that aid in immunity and digestion, anti-ageing and radiance, among others. Elixirs for anti-stress and immunity include ginseng-probiotic blends, while herbal infusion tea done in collaboration with Nilu Tea of Sri Lanka are also available. To view the full range of Asmara products, please visit

Asmara participated in Superfood Asia 2019. Superfood Asia will next take place in April 2022. For more information, please visit or contact